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About My Zip Code

Area codes have been around for well over a century in one form or another. The first postal codes appeared in London in 1857, when the city was divided into 10 districts. These greatly facilitated the delivery of mail, and were eventually adopted by most of the countries of the world.

Today, zip codes are almost a prerequisite for getting any letter, parcel, or postcard delivered to your address. In addition, they are often required when signing up for a service online. We have seen them being used for everything from signing petitions, to identifying which areas have high crime rates.

More recently, zip codes have become an invaluable tool for identifying COVID-19 hot spots with the highest infection rates.

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Now the challenge is how to find your zip code at the exact time that you need it. We are becoming quite bad at remembering such things, and since we are often on the move, memorizing your current code may not be useful for long.

My Zip Code makes it easy, fast, and simple to find your current area code.

Zip Code Database

We give you our best estimate of your postal code, based on your IP address. You do not need to enter anything, and we will provide the answer instantly.

However, this may not be very accurate, given the nature of networks, and the Internet. For better accuracy, look up your area code in our database. Our database contains over 4 million records of codes from around the world.

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